Monday, 8 November 2010


I was really nervous before my tutorial last Wednesday as although I had decided the format and basic style for my final images I was still in the process of 'hoarding' materials I could utilise. I went in with the two roughs I have posted on my blog, and my sketchbook. Overall it was helpful, both tutors liked the Crow and the Birds image. It was also suggested that I should consider picking up on more colour references within the text. I will definitely develop this as I don't feel the image is particularly intruiging or emotive at present.

On thursday I went to London, we managed to fit a fair bit into one day, including the Rob Ryan exhibition at the Air Gallery, which was beautiful. It's amazing to see his work up close and on a larger scale, really highlights the intricate detail of his designs. I also went to the Chalk Farm area of London which was where Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath lived for a while. Although I doubt i'll use any of the sketches I did in this project, it was still really interesting to explore the area.

Although the week seemed to be going well, I did wake up in a bit of a panic on Friday morning. I had collected so many materials and had vague ideas for each poem but it was a case of getting started that was hard. But in the evening I had a group critique with a few friends from the course which was incredibly helpful. Everyone suggested that the more abstract 'Solar' image is worth developing. The image is far less literal compared to the 'Crow and the Birds' rough, and creating images the reader can look into coincides well with poetry. This was the initial direction i was planning for my project, but as I usually add drawn elements I found myself leaning towards this. I also plan to develop the effects produced through the inverting line drawings and collaged elements on Photoshop as I like the ghostly, fragile quality this adds to the images.

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