Monday, 13 September 2010

Our Day Remains: Initial Designs

A few inital artwork ideas for my friend's boyfriends band, not too sure whether they are looking for posters or EP artwork yet. I'd say their music is relatively heavy so I was quite conscious of this when developing these designs as I would say my work is fairly 'feminine' (didn't really think stitching and flowery fabric would go down so well!) Working with text was also interesting as I have primarily used hand-drawn fonts in previous projects. However I decided that this wouldn't be particularly effective as it's essential the bands name acts as the focal point of each design. As a compromise I selected a typed font which I then worked into with ink, watercolour and biro. I also got to experiment with photoshop CS5 which took a bit of getting used to!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Yayee they used it.

I sent off the original poster a week or so ago and was asked to fill in the bottom left hand corner with watercolour; which definitely works better. Also had to re-do the original text as a few alterations were made to the information. This proved a little more difficult than I had hoped as I did the whole image by hand so there wasn't an opportunity to edit specific layers in photoshop. Didn't realise they'd actually used the poster until my friend was checking out freshers events on the SU website and came across it!! But it's definitely given me more confidence in putting myself forward for projects next year.