Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Crow and the Birds

This is an initial response to Ted Hughes poem 'Crow and the Birds' . I have been continuing to work with paper cutting, but decided to experiment with the incorporation of drawing based work also. I received responses from a few of the illustrators who designed the Faber and Faber book covers, which has been extremely helpful and given me a good insight into the design process. It sounds as though they were all given a very specific brief, which even included being e-mailed paintings to reference. Illustrator and print maker Clare Curtis suggested that:

'If you want to evoke a feeling you might be better off taking an abstract approach. If you are a good draftsperson I sometimes think a beautiful drawing of an object mentioned in the text is enough.

I could really relate to this comment as I don't want to 'pin-point' an image in the readers mind, and force an interpretation of the text upon them. I do however feel that this image for 'Crow and the Birds' is a bit too literal and specific. It was quite simple to draw meaning and a visual concept from this text compared to many of the others which may make it hard to combine it as part of a series.

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