Friday, 4 February 2011

Newsprint Love

These are the images I am currently exhibiting for our latest Bespoke exhibition at Cafe Bosconova in Boscombe. The theme was 'Love' which I was a tad apprehensive about to begin with. However after a few dilemmas I decided to not worry about it too much and instead create more personal work I was enjoying doing. As part of my installation for the last unit (which I will upload some decent photos of soon!), I began printing onto sheets of newsprint. I'm loving the impact of the brighter colours on the delicate, slightly discoloured surface of the paper.
Each of these images has been printed onto newsprint, is A2 in size and being sold for £10.00.

1 comment:

  1. Rachel, I saw this in Boscanova and LOVED it- The printing on newsprint is genius, and I love how dainty and beautiful it turned out! I know it'll sell like hotcakes ;).