Thursday, 20 January 2011

work in progress

The above photos demonstrate the current state of my bedroom. I think i may have slightly underestimated amount of images I am going to need in order to fill the space i am intending on using! My initial idea was to create some form of stand alone tent, but had a re-think as i feel placing it in an ordinary setting reinforces the underlying theme of escapism within the narrative. I considered using a cupboard space within the studio, but due to the translucent nature of much of the imagery i think some form of natural light source needs to be available. The final images are going to be hanging in the stairwell upon entrance to our studio, and in a slightly closed off area under the stairs. I'm trying not to panic or over-think the work as that will prevent the playful element showing through. I also want the set up to look like a montage of images, kind of like when you're a kid and your mum puts your pictures on the fridge. But in terms of narrative structure there does need to be a darker undertone within the pieces. Time to get drawing/painting/sewing.

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