Monday, 7 March 2011

Writing in the sky.

For the Convergence/Divergence animation unit i've decided to start a new blog documenting research and progress:

It's a bit overwhelming trying to combine concept development, visuals and learning a whole new discipline i've never explored before, but it'll get there! I'm exploring the constant flow of human interaction, and the coming together and moving apart of separate entities as a result of this. My particular interest is in fleeting moments that pass by unoticed, and the possible lasting effects they may have upon us. So far i've been reading a lot of sociological theory which has been really interesting but am struggling slightly to come up with set visuals. It's probably because the majority of my concept research has been text based, I need to look into more creative practitioners to gain a better visual understanding. But these are a few stop motion tests i've been doing so far. I'm really liking the effect of the paint on the window... pretty colours are far too enticing.

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