Sunday, 24 October 2010

Interpretation of Texts and Professional Contexts.

Out of all the options given for our current unit, I have chosen to work with specialist limited edition books and poetry. The brief relates to the publishing house Faber & Faber: who are 're-launching an anthology of poems by a series of well known poets’, So far in my reading and research, I have been focusing on the work of Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Carol Ann Duffy and Philip Larkin. I’ve found the relationship between Plath and Hughes particularly interesting, as this can be applied to, and is reflected within their literature.

It's been hard to find any anthologies that include illustrations inside to accompany poems, but Faber & Faber did commission a series of designers in May 2009 to produce covers and an inside layout as part of their 80th anniversary. The covers focus on print making which works well in relation to poetry. I think the key for this project is going to be producing bespoke images, that can accompany the text but not over power the poems as they alone are rich in imagery and an individuals interpretation of the text is crucial.

I also spent the afternoon reading some of the texts on the beach. It was becoming a bit hard to concentrate at home so a change of scenery really helped although I don’t think the library is going to appreciate the now rather sandy books.

These are a few of the book covers I photographed today: I particularly liked the print work of Jonathon Gibbs (Dart): the layering of colours to create textures is really effective.

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