Sunday, 9 May 2010

Time-To-Change Campaign Posters

I am clearly not very good at this blogging malarky.

These are my poster designs in response to commentable illustration. I have chosen to base my project surrounding an existing campaign related to mental health discrimination. The 'Time-To-Change' project aims to remove stigma associated with mental illness. These include the preconceptions of violence, and the idea of a person being stereotypically 'crazy' as is portrayed in many films and also within the media. I have aimed to create three different 'profiles' within these posters. Each represents a person suffering with a mental illness, however this only becomes clear after reading the text associated with each image. I have aimed to reinforce the 'normality' of people who suffer with mental illness, and give each image a very personal feel. I also wanted the line work to be different on each one, the inital idea was to use mark making as an expression of different emotional states. I would have liked to have developed this further with more time as I don't think it has been conveyed as successfully as i would have liked. My favourite image is that of the elderly woman as i feel it encompasses the personal aspect i was hoping for.
All in all, pretty happy...especially seeing as the words 'commentable illustration' filled me with utter dread at the outset of this project.

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