Saturday, 13 February 2010

0.1 Fineliners Are My Favourites

I decided to apply the method of drawing I explored in the T-Shirt workshop to my digital imaging brief. I have been developing ideas surrounding the development of cosmetic surgery and perception of body image over the past ten years. In a discussion with my tutor we looked at the new pressures put upon men and their body image. This led onto the development of how, in a way the definition between genders appears to be becoming less and less defined. Both males and females are faced with clear suggestions with how they 'should' look by the media. For females beauty products promote long eyelashes, exaggerated lips and the perfect figure. Men are similarly faced promotions of 'designer stubble', perfect body, skin ect. I decided to combine the ideals faced by both genders, use my research and draw from imagination to create the supposedly 'perfect human body image' that has arisen from the noughties. I like the strange quality of these characters as it relates to the unatural and enhanced way we are led to believe we should look.

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